pubg tradebones com How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

pubg tradebones com How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile

pubg tradebones com Currently you have four different ways to get the PUBG free weapon skins you are looking for. We’ll talk about each one of them below – feel free to decide for yourself which method are you going to use.

pubg tradebones com

Get free UC & Use it to buy skins

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PUBG Mobile giveaways

Here we’ll sum up current ways to get free stuff in PUBG Mobile:

  • Free Royale Pass: you can claim a Royale Pass for free, and then earn rewards through it by playing and ranking up. There are also daily missions and weekly challenge missions that grant rewards
  • Missions: achievements, progress missions, and bootcamp all give you goals to complete which earn you free in-game rewards
  • Points shop: earning stream points lets you enter the lucky draw for prizes
  • Discord giveaways: PUBG Mobile’s Discord sometimes features giveaways, and games with prizes. These can be found under the ‘Discord-events’ tab
  • Sign in: you can often earn rewards just by signing into the game, such as the weekly sign in bonuses, which build each day to give you a hero’s crate on day seven
  • Events: PUBG Mobile events are a great way of getting free stuff. Recent ones include Blue’s Secret, Moonlight Mansion, and Blackpink X PUBG Mobile