The location of haunted household furniture fortnite

The location of haunted household furniture fortnite

haunted household furniture fortnite will look like the usual furniture that you’ll find around the map. 

If you want the most easy way to destroy all 7 Haunted Household Furniture items, simply drop into Greasy Grove and visit all the other locations above. When you leave the lobby, then do it once again so you can complete your task right away.

haunted household furniture fortnite

  • 1: Red House on the North Armchair with the summit of the stairs.
  • Two: White House to the North, the large mushroom grows into it, with two table-edged living spaces in the upstairs bedroom.
  • 3: Blue House in the center of Greasy Grove bedside table.
  • 4: Green House with southwest armchair in the oax and left of the front door.

Here are the other locations where you can destroy haunted household furniture:

  • Northwest of Shiny Sound
  • Grim Gables
  • Northwest of Grim Gables
  • East of the Reality Tree
  • Two locations west of the Reality Tree
  • The water house north of Tilted Towers
  • Northeast of Tilted Towers.