gemado ff itens | Equipment – items available in Garena Free Fire

gemado ff itens | Equipment – items available in Garena Free Fire

The gameplay in Garena Free Fire, like in any other Battle Royale title, mainly focuses on collecting equipment that will let you survive on the battlefield. In the game you will find dozens of different items which have a different application.

gemado ff itens

Main weapon – this group includes all Assault Rifles, Machine Guns (SMGs), Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and Light Machine Guns (LMGs). You will use these weapons for the most part of the gameplay.

Handguns – this category includes pistols, sawn-offs or even crossbows with explosive bolts.

Melee weapons – here you can find melee weapons that you will most likely never use. It is worth to equip yourself with a Pan or a Katana – both items protect the back of your character, which prevent from getting hit by enemy fire.

Vest – reduces the amount of damage received when you get hit in the torso. There are 4 levels of vests available in the game and they offer 33%, 50%, 66% and 70% damage protection.

Helmet – reduces damage when you get hit in the head. There are 3 levels of helmet which provide 33%, 45% and 57% bonus to defense.

Cover – an item that allows a character to fade out and blend in the surroundings. It makes it harder for another players to locate you. At the moment there is only one item of such type called a Bush – your character will look like a shrub after you equip it.

Ammunition – bullets to a selected group of weapons.

Grenades and explosives – this group includes frag grenades, flash grenades, mines and grenades that allow you to create a temporary cover (Gloo Wall).

Medkits – this is the only healing item available in the game. Once activated, it restores 75 health points within 5 seconds.

Weapon modifications – this group includes enlarged magazines, upgrades for barrels or rifle butts, optical scopes and silencers. Thanks to them you can significantly improve weapon stats. This may get you an advantage over the enemy.

Special items – in addition to the standard items described above, you can also find some unique items like Info Box, which reveals another safe zone on the map; Repair Kit, which allows you to repair the damaged vest; Armor Repair Box, which repairs your vest and helmet, and additionally increases their level by one.

Mushrooms – mushrooms cannot be stored in the inventory, they can only be picked up and consumed at the spot. Each fungus provides some EP points. EPs are used to regenerate character’s health points. There are 4 types of mushrooms available in the game, giving you 50, 75, 100 and 200 EP points respectively.