“Find” jet ski pubg || 2021

“Find” jet ski pubg || 2021

?What is PUBG

To make it simple, PUBG is a shooting game. It is inspired by the movie “Battle Royal” which was directed by a Japanese director and released in 2000. Up to a hundred players conduct a free-fall parachute jump and land on a deserted island. Then, they will search for weapons and other necessary equipment to fight against each other.

You can choose whatever strategy to play this game. You can run, hide, ambush, use a decoy, or all-in in a one-on-one battle. Because there is only one sole survivor (or sole duos/ squad of 4 – depending on your game mode), the mission is accomplished when you eliminate all other players (or teams).

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A two seater jet ski, it is unfortunately only available on PC as I have not seen these on the Xbox version. Unless they are hiding somewhere but I highly doubt it. Being a jet ski, it only sits two so it is perfect for the solo and duo game modes but not for the squad mode as the rest of the team will have to swim in envy.

jet ski pubg

The jet ski appears to be a two-person vehicle and is coming to both of the game’s maps, which of course are the standard map of Erangel and the new Desert Map coming this month called Miramar. This adds to the very few number of water vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the only other one we believe is the PG-117 Speedboat which we cannot recall ever actually seeing anyone use in the game. Hopefully the Aquarail will see more action.