panzerfaust pubg || Know how to use Panzerfaust in PUBG

panzerfaust pubg || Know how to use Panzerfaust in PUBG

For now the Panzerfaust will only be available on Karakin،It takes up a primary weapon slot, and fires slow but devastating projectiles with a 6 meter AoE radius. The Panzerfaust is an “uncommon” world spawn, but can always be found in airdrops.

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 the new Panzerfaust bazooka will only appear in Karakin as an uncommon spawn, and not any of the other PUBG map locations. As reported by PUBG’s recent patch notes, the bazooka is guaranteed to be in every airdrop on Kakarin and can be used to blow up certain kinds of walls “much like the sticky bomb.”

It’s also a one-time use item, meaning you’ll need to drop it after firing the rocket it spawns with. As with its real-world counterpart, the Panzerfaust does have a backblast, which means anyone caught behind the player using it (in a 3 meter radius) will take some damage.

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Here are some of the weapons that on-ground players will be able to use for defence against helicopters:

–RPG-7 rocket launcher: classic rocket launcher, using rockets.

–M3E1-A missile: a missile that uses a rocket to launch a tracking vehicle.

–M79 grenade launcher: single grenade launcher using 40mm grenade.

–M134 heavy machine gun, using 7.62mm bullets.

–MGL Grenade Launcher: Use 40mm Grenade.

Mosin Nagant PUBG

 Mosin-Nagant is said to be stronger than Kar98K because it shoots faster and has more consistent damage.1 shot from this 7.62 x 54 mm R-caliber bolt-action rifle can instantly knock enemies without armor.

This new sniper rifle will replace the Kar98K on Erangel and Vikendi. There is still no information on whether this weapon will also appear in other maps or not.

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