“هنا” ghillie suit in pubg || 2020

“هنا” ghillie suit in pubg || 2020

Where do I find a suit of disguise in the game of PUBG MOBILE Welcome to our visitors and followers through our website. Here you will find everything related to the game of Peggy in terms of explanations, tasks and how to obtain housing in the game. Among the missions of the first week of the thirteenth season of the game, pick up a stealth suit in five matches.

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ghillie suit in the game PUBG MOBILE

Dear player, the incognito suit, think about it well, you will find that it is easy and does not need to be guessed, and what is meant here in the incognito suit is the “grass suit” in the trail box, or the snow suit in the trail box in the snow map in Kendi, where you have to carry out the task pick up a suit Turf in 5 matches until mission complete.

The task of picking up the stealth suit is considered one of the tasks that only players who have upgraded the Royal Pass can perform and open the 13th seasons of the 13th PUBG Mobile game, while the players who do not have the upgrade card can perform the tasks assigned to them in the game and it will not be among them the task of obtaining On a stealth suit.

PUBG Mobile Secrets – Tips and Tricks

Guess the direction of the plane, one of the most important tips and tricks of the PUBG game that will benefit you greatly while playing knowing where the plane is heading to, it is unknown to you as a player before you are thrown with the parachute, but the small square at the top of the game will show a yellow pincushion that shows the direction of the plane from there, but is this direction Because the plane is coming from east or west – north or south, you can see the direction in which the plane is as soon as you are thrown from the plane and directions appear at the top of the screen where you can go opposite the direction or simply if you are looking to the northeast, NE, this means that the plane is coming from the southwest SW If you are heading to the south, this means that the plane is coming from the north. You must know your location quickly, and this will help you determine the landing location.

secrets of the game PUBG public

Use the bushes to hide, one of the most important tips and tricks for PUBG game is to hide and to help do you see those small shrubs inside the game? Take advantage of it as much as you can if the color of your clothes is close to it and not white that reveals where you are, choose a dense bush and try as much as possible to hide inside it and stand still without moving, wait for the right moment when one of the enemies approaches you and shoot him and take all his weapons and resources.

Wear appropriate clothes and wear a bag. When I advised you to hide in the bushes, the main condition was that your clothes are not white because white clothes will easily reveal your place, and because the game of PUBG comes with features such as changing the color and shape of clothes from the settings, choose dark clothes or clothes suitable for your place in The map is full of options.

Choose from what makes your location as if you are hidden, such as brown clothes such as dirt and grass clothes that help you hide in the grass and do not forget to wear a backpack from the options as it will help you greatly in filling it with the largest possible amount of resources and different weapons within the game. The first choice is in The bags give you a full 350 pieces, the second option 400 pieces, and the last option gives you the ability to fill 450 pieces.

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